Last Week’s Report

November 07     2018        Jeanette Fullwood            Leonard Cheshire VC      

Forum 2000 had the opportunity to remember a hero of the Second World War on November 7th  when Jeanette Fullwood, from Kenmore House,  a Cheshire Home in Cleckheaton  came to give a presentation.  Unfortunately her assistant who was to provide the PowerPoint presentation was unable to come but nevertheless Jeanette was able to give some information about the Founder of the Leonard Cheshire homes.    What members did learn was that this very distinguished man joined the RAF,  served in Bomber Command  and  rose to the rank of Squadron Leader gaining the VC in the process.  He took part in the Dambuster raid and was also an observer at the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.  After the war he personally nursed an ex-serviceman dying of cancer and this led to his founding homes for people with life-changing disabilities.  Jeanette had brought Leonard Cheshire’s own book “The Hidden World” which is about the world of the disabled and his experience in working for them and she invited members to help themselves to copies.  It is a readable book and in the days of the Invictus Games remarkably relevant.  It was a disappointing morning but the subject is one which Forum 2000 will revisit.  


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