Last Week’s Report

 November 14     2018        Malcolm Johnson       Famous for 12 Minutes?    

Forum 2000 members thoroughly enjoyed Malcolm Johnson’s talk “ Famous for 12 minutes”  on November 14th.   He recounted his experience as a guinea pig in a TV programme “  The Undriveables”   Each week two people  who had been trying for years and had failed the driving test multiple times  had a week’s tuition and a chance to pass free but in front of an audience of millions.   Malcolm explained how all his working life he had managed without driving only because he had a wife/chauffeuse and the ability to run marathons to reach inaccessible venues.  At 65 he decided that he now needed to drive and a chance conversation about the programme inspired his TV experience.  He described the whole process from application, interview, audition, contract and preliminary filming of background and driving  lessons in Leeds to the test in Liverpool and its outcome.  He used  the actual programme to illustrate his talk and bravely allowed us to share his moments of terror and embarrassment. What was interesting was Malcolm’s admiration for the professionalism of the film-makers from Shine who made the programme and their kindness.    It was a very funny and a very touching presentation.  He admitted he had benefited from the programme, not just in free lessons, test and accommodation in Liverpool but in the friendship made with his  instructor who has become a family friend and the enormous value to family arrangements and freedom his driving has brought him.        



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